Faces in places: Tree troll keeping an eye on you


Faces in places: Grinning metal man

15/52: Blur

Sometimes (well, quite often, actually) the week goes by in a blur.
I try to remember the little things,
like having a six lane freeway and a gorgeous sunrise
all to myself.

Faces in places: Hungry crocodile happily eating an elephant’s trunk

14/52: Exploring

It was part trail, part stream.
But all good.

13/52: The good life

We spent most of the day stretched out on the couch, the both of us.
Sometimes all you need is the company.

(I’m a bit behind on my project 52 this year, but will be posting as time permits.)

Faces in places: Baroque woman

Faces in places: Monocle man

12/52: Last minute fixes

Busy, busy, busy.
But those two days of indian summer made all the difference in the world.

Faces in places: Babar the Elephant